Archipelago Views
A trip between islets and rocks

Online exhibition 3 july - 28 august

During the summer the online exhibition "Archipelago views - a trip between islets and rocks" is shown on Åmells website. The exhibition highlights artistic interpretations of Stockholm's archipelago seen from different perspectives. In this exhibition you will meet some of our most famous archipelago painters, for example Roland Svensson, Axel Sjöberg and Artur Bianchini, whose sophisticated, coloristic way of painting was inspired from long stays at Möja and Sandhamn. Their artistry was centred around nature but they were also interested in the lives of the residents of the islands.


The exhibition also includes artists whose artistry was not centred around the archipelago specifically but who have indeed created very atmospheric pictures of the archipelago of Stockholm. Bruno Liljefors is one of these artists. He was a master at painting animals and could render most types of nature. During many years (1908-1923) he was based on Bullerö and used the surrounding islets and rocks as a base for his studies of sea birds and their lives. Liljefors’ paintings emphasize the symbiosis between the animals and their surroundings. The current exhibition include one of Liljefors’ more unusual archipelago motifs: a seal resting on an islet in the sunset. 


Special for this exhibition is also an early painting of Anshelm Schultzberg. It is a detailed painting depicting the summer guest’s perspective of midsummer at a decorated Sandhamn. Schultzberg’s early experience of Sandhamn might convey a bit of melancholy, but it also awakens a longing for the unique environment which the archipelago of Stockholm has to offer. 


The paintings of the exhibition reminds us of the perpetual beauty in nature and how it can be experienced through art. A skilled painter can convey the sensation of light, scent and colour in a way that allows us to always enjoy the shifts of the nature in the archipelago, whenever and wherever we are. 


Welcome to Archipelago views – a trip between islets and rocks.


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