Isaac Grünewald
painter, drawer, scenographer

8 february - 6 march

Isaac Grünewald is one of Swedens most famous modernist artists. He is associated with avantgarde, color expressionism and a rich production. Grünewald differed from other artists during his time. He wasn’t afraid to criticize the establishment. His art is today well-establised and coveted, every museum with a collection of Swedish modernists will most likely own one of his artworks.


The exhibition include artworks from four decades (1913 – ca 1945) and aims to highlight the width of Grünewald’s artistry. In earlier exhibitions at Åmells, many of Grünewald’s portraits, landscapes and still-lives of flowers have been displayed. This time we also include works of his within other genres that haven’t gotten as much attention as his portraits and flowers. Along with drawings and water colours, the exhibition also include parts of his sketches for various scenographer work and a prestigious book illustration.




Selected artworks