Jonas Nilsson
the nature in focus

5 - 25 september 2020

Since Jonas Nilsson’s spring exhibition in Stockholm 2018 he has been established as one of Sweden’s foremost nature painters. Today he is a welcomed recurring guest exhibitor at Åmells and many of our visitors are looking forward to every new opportunity to experience his artistic progress.


The third time Åmells presents Jonas Nilsson the audience get to experience his characteristic bird portraits of smug tit birds and stoic owls, but also both majestic four-legged predators with watchful eyes and sheer butterflies captured in a fleeting dance. Jonas Nilsson really knows his models, one can tell from his titles of the paintings: the lively little Kingfisher is called the Fisherking, the quiet owl he calls the Majesty…


Nilsson’s walks through forests and lands is the underlying inspiration for his paintings. During these he collects impressions which later is incorporated in his paintings. The paintings are rarely direct images of what he has seen but more like syntheses of emotions and events. “I take quite large liberties when I paint. The finished painting is more important than describing the event accurately. Allowing the painting to live its own life is what is interesting with artistry.”


Jonas Nilsson is born 1968 and is based in Uppsala, where he works in both oil and water colour. He has exhibited around 40 times in Sweden and abroad. Åmells are proud to once again get to present artworks from this very appreciated artist.




Selected Artworks