Tranquil traces

Gunnar Smoliansky


Gunnar Smoliansky

A life behind the camera

Gunnar Smoliansky is part of Swedish photo history. For over 50 years, he has captured the public with his atmospheric photos. In this online exhibition, we have collected twenty of his depictions of a past Stockholm with serene traces of its inhabitants.

A friend, who had turned his bathroom into a darkroom, introduced Smoliansky to photography during the 1950s. Smoliansky was immediately captured by what he saw and realized that he had found his calling. Shortly thereafter he bought his first camera and started experimenting with motives and development techniques. Through the years he has never left the analogue technique and prefers to work in his darkroom using old photo paper.

Where many artists work with different projects and themes, Smoliansky has always taken one photo at the time. He has photographed the people that he’s met and the things that he’s seen. Depictions of Stockholm, it’s residents and surroundings are noticeable throughout his artistry. Smoliansky took his first photos of Stockholm harbor back in 1951, whereby several motives are part of this exhibition. There are also lively snapshots from busy Södermalm streets and calm renderings from his beloved Saltsjö-Boo where he has lived and worked throughout his life. The sculpture park at the Swedish Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde was another favorite motif of his. The Waldemarsudde photos were exhibited at Prince Eugen’s artist studio in 2004.

With his unmistakable tranquil photo style, Smoliansky elevates small, often overlooked, details in life, such as a glass of water left on the window case, a pair of broken glasses, or withered flowers who, in their own simple right, create a sculptural expression.

Gunnar Smoliansky is the master of highlighting small and mundane things, and through his still, intimate images of everyday situations, he creates poetic moments of reality. With this exhibition, we would like to highlight his unique ability to use the camera as a tool to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Below, we are showcasing a selection of works available by Gunnar Smoliansky. For more information, please contact us directly.




Body of Works

Below is a selection of photos by Gunnar Smoliansky part of Åmell’s photo collection. If any of these are of interest, or if you would like to book a private viewing of the photos in our gallery, please contact us directly.