Åmells Spring Exhibition

Extended until 3 of July

This years’ Spring Exhibition showcases an excellent mixture of Scandinavian painting and sculpture from the 1800s and 1900s. The exhibition includes artworks from our most well-known artists, such as Bruno Liljefors, Helmer Osslund, GAN and Carl Milles. It also includes less known artworks, for example Fanny Brate’s adorable portrait of her daughter. This years’ Spring Exhibition also presents several interesting water colours. One that deserves extra attention is Carl Larsson’s School youth Chorus at Ladugårdsgärdet.


Almost a third of the paintings in the exhibition are made on paper. We want to highlight that watercolour paintings, which often falls into the shadow of artworks in oil, have special qualities worthy of attention. In watercolour paintings there is a special interaction between the paper, the binder, the pigments and the amount of water used to achieve the right saturation. The material provides fantastic oportunities to mediate atmospheres and fleeting moments. The effects of watercolours are not alike effects of any other material.


A real master within the field of watercolours was Carl Larsson, several of his paintings are presented in the exhibition. Other featured artists in this years watercolour-theme is Stefan Johansson (who painted with watercolours on canvas!), John Bauer, Bruno Liljefors, Helmer Osslund, Carl Wilhelmsson, Oskar Bergman and, of course the highly appreciated Stockholm-painter Anna Palm. 




Selected artworks