Upcoming exhibitions


Tuija Lindström, Girl at Bull's Pond

Tuija Lindström & Julia Peirone

23 February - 15 March 2019

Åmells opens the spring season with a powerful exhibition featuring two female photography pioneers; Tuija Lindström and Julia Peirone. Tuija Lindström is probably the most influential female photographer in Sweden. In 1992, when accepting a position at The School of Photography and Film at Gothenburg University, Lindström became Sweden's first female professor in photography. Her focus on a theoretical direction of photography, with courses in art history and feminist theory became highly influential amongst her students. 

One of Lindström's former art students is Julia Peirone. Since her debut, Peirone has explored topics conserning female identity, fragility in adolescence and experimentation of sexuality in youth. Åmells is proud to present these two groundbreaking artists alongside each other. 


Gustav Fjaestad, Förvinter (Duved, Jämtland)



Winter tales is about our experiences of winter, today or deep down inside our memories. Sparkling white meadows, majestic mountains, snow weighted fur trees, icy lakes - motives that surely appeal to anyone who appreciates the season when nature is seemingly sound asleep. The exhibition also contains artworks full of life and motion: furry foxes with pointed ears listening to any potential rustle underneath the snow, excited children preparing for Christmas, travelers stuck in winter traffic, and flaneurs walking on elegant city streets covered in snow. All paintnings share the story of winter, a story that each one of us is invited to interpret through our own personal memories.