Upcoming exhibitions


John Bauer, The Musician kisses the Madonna's bare foot


6 - 26 APRIL 2019

As tradition brings, Åmells initiates the warm season with our popular Spring Exhibition. The exhibition encompasses about 50 artworks by Nordic artists active during 1820-1970.

In this year’s Spring Exhibition; we are presenting two irresistible water colours by John Bauer, alongside significant modern artworks by Sigrid Hjertén, Nils Dardel, Dick Beer, and Ragnar Sandberg. Julius Kronberg’s monumental Hypatia is one of the highlights in the classical department. The painting, depicting one of antiquity’s most genius females, is an excellent example of the late 19th Century’s academic taste, while the tragical story about the main character’s fate to this day feels peculiarly current and pressing.


15085_Jonas Nilsson_In för landning


11 - 25 May 2019

Jonas Nilsson has established himself as one of Sweden’s foremost nature painters. When Åmells for the second time exhibits his paintings, the audience will obtain a deeper understanding for Nilsson’s motives. It is Nilsson’s hikes in nature that are fundamental to his paintings. During these, he collects impressions and visual experiences that are vented in his depictions. The paintings are seldom pure reproductions of what he has experienced, but rather a synthesis of these emotions and events. Jonas Nilsson was born 1968 and lives and works in Uppsala, north of Stockholm. He has had more than 40 exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. Åmells is proud to once more present works of this highly appreciated artist.