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Maria Wiik, Portrait of Marietta, oil on canvas, 54,5 x 47 cm


24 october - 20 november

This years Autumn Exhibition presents artworks of exceptionally high quality from a time span which width is unusually large. The exhibition takes off in the 1600s with a splendid still life of Ottmar Elliger. Two shining stars from our Nordic neighbouring countries are Wilhelm Hammershøi and Maria Wiik. For a long time Wiik was eclipsed by her friend Helene Schjerfbeck, but have in the later years gotten a well deserved revenge. Just look at her portrait of the girl Marietta, and you will understand why! Other artists presented in this years Autumn Exhibition is Ernst Josephson, August Strindberg, Carl Fredrik Hill, Carl Larsson and many more.



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monday-friday 10-18
saturday 12-16 during exhibitions