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Our experts offer cost-free valuations of your artwork

Åmells evaluates high quality art, sculpture and antiquities free of charge. The quickest way to get an estimate is by filling in the valuation form below. There you can easily fill in information regarding the piece and attach pictures. One of our experts will then get back to you with a valuation as soon as possible

The more information you can provide regarding the piece, the easier it is for us to make make a correct valuation. Please note that the valuation is a temporary estimate based on the information and pictures provided and may be altered after further inspection.

It is also possible to contact us via email or telephone and book an valuation. A meeting can take place in our gallery or through a house visit, after agreement. If you prefer sending pictures and information of your object through traditional postal service, you will find our address information under the category Contact us. If you wish to submit your object for sale throughÅmells after the valuation, our experts will help you through the process. More information can be found under the category Sell art.  

Valuations by Åmells are always free of charge but we are only able to valuate objects that lay within our area of expertise.



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