Sigrid Hjertén, Isaac Smokes a Pipe, oil on canvas, 73 x 93 cm

Past exhibitions


Helmer Osslund
Seasonal Changes

13 february - 12 march 2021

In the exhibition Seasonal Changes we got to experience Helmer Osslund's (1866-1938) northern rambles over mountains, along river valleys, through rain and sunlight, from just before the turn of the 20th century until his death. Helmer Osslund was deeply interested in the subtle transitions in nature, the barely noticeable shifts in vegetation, atmosphere, temperature, and weather. 

In the realm of hoarfrost
Gustav Fjæstad and others

5 december 2020 - 22 january 2021

This year's winter exhibition had its' focus on the winter landscape, embedded in snow, ice and frosty cold. Gustav Fjæstad - the uncrowned master of hoarfrost, was the center of attention. Presented alongside Fjæstad's atmospheric paintings was Frits Thaulow's naturalistic snow landscapes, Mosse Stoopendal's animal paintings, Helmer Osslund's winter images from Norrland, Roland Svensson's realistic depictions of Stockholm's archipelago, and several others.

Autumn Exhibition

24 october - 20 november 2020

This years Autumn Exhibition presented artworks of exceptionally high quality from a time span which width is unusually large. The exhibition took off in the 1600s with a splendid still life of Ottmar Elliger. Two shining stars from our Nordic neighbouring countries are Wilhelm Hammershøi and Maria Wiik. For a long time Wiik was eclipsed by her friend Helene Schjerfbeck, but have in the later years gotten a well deserved revenge. Just look at her portrait of the girl Marietta, and you will understand why! Other artists presented in this years Autumn Exhibition were Ernst Josephson, August Strindberg, Carl Fredrik Hill, Carl Larsson and many more.

Jonas Nilsson

5 - 25 september 2020

The third time Åmells presented Jonas Nilsson the audience got to experience his characteristic bird portraits of smug tit birds and stoic owls, but also both majestic four-legged predators with watchful eyes and sheer butterflies captured in a fleeting dance. Jonas Nilsson really knows his models, one can tell from his titles of the paintings: the lively little Kingfisher is called the Fisherking, the quiet owl he calls the Majesty…

Archipelago Views

3 july - 28 august 2020

Archipelago Views - a trip between islets and rocks showcased artistic interpretations of Stockholm's archipelago seen from different perspectives. The exhibition presented some of our most famous archipelago painters, for example Roland Svensson, Axel Sjöberg and Artur Bianchini, whose sophisticated, coloristic way of painting was inspired from long stays at Möja and Sandhamn. 

Spring Exhibition

25 april - 3 july 2020

This years’ Spring Exhibition showcased an excellent mixture of Scandinavian painting and sculpture from the 1800s and 1900s. The exhibition included artworks from our most well-known artists, such as August Strindberg, Bruno Liljefors, Helmer Osslund, GAN and Carl Milles. It also included less known artworks, for example Fanny Brate’s adorable portrait of her daughter. This years’ Spring Exhibition also presented several interesting water colours. One that deserved extra attention was Carl Larsson’s School youth Chorus at Ladugårdsgärdet.

Gunnar Löberg

14 march - 3 april 2020

The art Gunnar Löberg has left behind can't be summarized in one genre, not even a personal one. It alternates between expressive, surrealistic and realistic. Löberg navigates the viewer through a world populated by toys and clowns, a world with deserted landscapes where the ocean is red and the sky yellow. 


8 februari - 6 mars 2020

Isaac Grünewald was one of Swedens most famous modernist artists. He is associated with avantgarde, color expressionism and a rich production. The exhibition included artworks from four decades (1913 – ca 1945) and aimed to highlight the width of Grünewald’s artistry. 

Winter Gloss

11 - 24 january 2020

Winter Gloss showcased the beauty of winter. Pristine snow covered landscapes with crystal clear air, frozen lakes and trees with frosty branches were presented in the exhibition. Motifs of the city dressed in white were also included. Artists such as Gustav Fjaestad, Anshelm Schultzberg, Frits Thaulow and Peder Mönsted were presented.

Autumn Exhibition

9 november - 6 december 2019

Åmells finished this year strong by presenting its annual Autumn Exhibition with an exceptional selection of art historically significant works by some of the most prominent Nordic artists. The pièce de réstistance of the exhibition was Inferno by August Strindberg. The exhibition also featured several works by our foremost Swedish painters, where especially the works by Bruno Liljefors and Carl Larsson illustrates the immense level of talent that these artists had throughout their lives. 

West Coast Painters

28 september - 18 october 2019

The exhibition West Coast Painters illuminates the special importance of the Swedish West Coast as a source of inspiration to many artists. The artworks shown in West Coast Painters range over a chronological span of a hundred years, dating from 1870 to 1970. The so called ”Gothenburg Colourists” form the core of the exhibition, but artist such as Alfred Wahlberg, Carl Wilhelmson and John Jon-And are also represented. 

The City in focus: Anna Palm & Henry B. Goodwin

24 august - 13 september 2019

The City in Focus: Anna Palm & Henry B. Goodwin showcases depictions of cityscapes in watercolour and photogravure by Anna Palm and Henry B. Goodwin respectively. Both artists were active in Stockholm around the turn of the century, but the way in which they portrayed Sweden’s beautiful capital differs greatly. 

Hidden Treasures

5 June - 5 July 2019

Certain artworks have not been met with the appreciation, accolade or the level of fame for the artist that one might expect. Thus, there are hidden treasures to discover by many artists that might not be particularly well-known to a wider public but that are, indeed, works of very high quality.

Jonas Nilsson - The Moments That Disappeared

11 - 25 May 2019

The second Jonas Nilsson exhibition at Åmells provides the audience with a deeper understanding for Nilsson’s motives. The exhibition showcases the bird portraits that have become his hallmark, but also other representatives of the Swedish fauna, such as a lynx with a gazing stare, and small tortoiseshells caught in a volatile dance.

Spring Exhibition

6 - 26 april 2019

As per tradition the spring of 2019 was inagugurated with a high quality exhibition at Åmells. It included around fifty pieces by nordic artists active during the period 1820–1970. Amongst others, on display were two captivating watercolours by John Bauer, the monumental Hypatia by Julius Kronberg, as well as modernist artworks by Sigrid Hjertén, Nils Dardel and Ragnar Sandberg.

The light darkness - Images by Tuija Lindström & Julia Peirone

23 February - 15 March 2019

For the first time; Tuija Lindström's iconic black and white photos are exhibitied alongside Julia Peirone's powerful girls' portraits. Lindström was one of Sweden's most influential photographers, and influenced a whole new generation of female photographers, whereby Peirone was one.

Winter Tales

12 January - 2 February 2019

Winter tales is about our experiences with and exposures to winter, today or through our memories. All artworks presented in Winter Tales share a story about winter: stories that everyone can read into with their own, personal voice.

Autumn Exhibition 2018

17 November - 7 December 2018

Åmells' yearly Autumn Exhibition gathers artworks by some of the foremost Swedish artists and encompasses works from the early 19th Century to the late 20th Century. Gösta Adrian-Nilsson, Sigrid Hjertén, Carl Larsson, and Bruno Liljefors are among the artists who's works are shown to the public.

Helmer Osslund

13 October - 2 November 2018

The Autumn of 2018 was inaugurated with a sucessful exihibition where about 40 artworks by Helmer Osslund where exhibited. Here, the public could meet some of Helmer Osslund's typical landscapes from his beloved Northern Sweden, alongside atmospheric depictions from his travels in Europe and the US.

Summer exhibition

9 June - 6 July 2018

The Summer Exhibition embraces the atmosphere of the Swedish summer, with all what that entails. The exhibition displays among other things bright and sheer motifs of Oskar Bergman, Nils Asplund and Artur Bianchini, but also magnificent Oil paintings of Bruno Liljefors. 

Roland Svensson

9 June - 29 June 2018

Roland Svensson is warmly appreciated for his depiction of the Stockholm archipelago. His interpretations of the Stockholm archipelago embraces the atmosphere of the Swedish summer, with all what that entails.


Spring Exhibition

28 april - 25 may 2018

The Spring Exhibition is displaying glorious masterpieces by Swedish Expressionists of 1910’s, such as Leander Engström and Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (GAN). The painting representing the cover is Olle Hjortzberg's Summer Bouquet with daisies, tar flowers, butter flowers and meadow grass. 


17 mars - 12 April 2018

The exhibition THREE CENTURIES is showing fabulous items from the 1600s-1700s and 1800s. In the exhibition, furniture and crafts will be combined with exquisite painting and sculpture of some of the most important names in Swedish art history

Jonas Nilsson

3-16 february 2018

Jonas Nilsson was recognized early for his unique way of depicting the Swedish countryside. The recent years of oil and watercolors have formed the starting point for Jonas Nilsson's first book, Vadarland.

Portraits of the Times

25 november - 22 december 2017

The exhibition shows a collection of portraits of various styles, conventions and ideals that prevailed during different periods. Chronologically, the exhibition spans from the 1700s to the present.

Autumn Exhibition

7 October - 3 November

This year's autumn exhibition is a tribute to the beautiful seasons we have before us. This year's selection also features exquisite watercolours on paper, as for example, John Bauer's riding prince, originally designed as an illustration for Helena Nyblom's fairytale Ringen.

Helmer Osslund

17 june - 7 july 2017

The gallery was filled with a lush summer spirit when Åmells illuminated a new side of this popular Northern Swedish painter's artistry. The exhibition focused on Osslund's summer motifs with the sceneries of the Northern Swedish nature.

Concrete Art

15 - 18 september

After World War II, the strong colours of the new art with large geometrical surfaces became an effective tool for acheiving visibility and visualise new ideals. The exhibition shows a selection of Sweden's foremost concrete artists.

The Camera, the
People and the City

26 august - 12 september

The exhibition explores how the city is portrayed in photography. With a special focus on Swedish street photographers, the exhibition brings forward the richness of the genre and its broad variety of expressions and motifs.

Irving Penn Fashion

18 march - 7 april 2017

The exhibition presents fashion photography by the world-renowned photographer Irving Penn. The exhibition displays a span throughout the career of Irving Penn showing his development and changing focus as a fashion photographer.

Three dimensional

4-24 february 2017

In the gallery's various spaces, a dynamic and exciting presentation of Swedish sculpture is given in varying materials and from different times. The exhibition focuses on the great diversity of art and its special ability to visually enrich the space.

Autumn Exhibition

12 november - 9 december 2016

Åmells annual autumn exhibition brings together masterpieces of the greatest Swedish artists from the 19th century to the 20th century. In the exhibition there is a large motive width; from landscape paintings and still life to portraits, navy painting and genre motives.


1-21 october 2016

Borderless landscapes display a path through art history and explores the importance of the landscape as a motive. The exhibition was a wide presentation and gathered both classical and modern painting as well as photography and contemporary art.

Stina Brockman

29 august - 9 september 2016

The exhibition with photographer Stina Brockman (born 1951) display both portraits, works from the series Bodies, and still life of flowers. Characteristic of her images is the skillful play between sharpness and blur that contributes to the moody expression of the pictures.

Summer Jewels

28 may - 23 june 2016

With light and colour the exhibition display paintings from the both 19th and 20th Century, and gather Scandinavian artists who have depicted the Scandinavian summer in different styles. The summer motives display how artists have depicted the bright season in different times.

Spring exhibition

16 april – 13 may 2016

The colorful exhibition displays carefully selected works from many of the most celebrated Scandinavian artists from several centuries. The rewarding meetings and exciting contrasts between different artists and genres and create the unique mix that characterizes Åmells Spring Exhibition

Gunnar Löberg

27 february - 18 march 2016

Åmells presents the largest exhibition ever with the unique painter Gunnar Löberg (1893-1950). With a distinctive style and with bright colours, Löberg moved between different art movements and his paintings inspire both surrealism, expressionism and naivism.

Callahan Dawid

23 january- 12 february 2016

Swedish and international photography meets in a unique exhibition that challenges the boundaries of the photographer. For the first time, works by Swedish photopionist Dawid, influential American photographer Harry Callahan and Hiroshi Sugimoto, winner of the Hasselblad Prize, are displayed.

Autumn Exhibition

14 november – 4 december 2015

Åmells annual autumn exhibition brings together masterpieces of the greatest Swedish artists from the 19th century to the 20th century. In the exhibition there is a large motive width; from landscape paintings and still life to portraits, navy painting and genre motifs.

Bruno Liljefors

10 – 30 october 2015

Bruno Liljefors is famous for his depictions of nature and he belongs to one of the leading Swedish artists of all times. In his masterpiece he depicted both animals and nature. The exhibition include works from his whole active period.



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