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 Bruno Liljefors: with brush and gun 16 September – 7 October  


Bruno Liljefors, Pigeon hawk and ring dove oil on canvas, 121 x 77 cm, signed and dated Bruno Liljefors -85.

with brush and gun

16 September – 7 October

As long as man is able to appreciate nature and its various forms of life, there is room for art that depicts it. In our time, when untouched nature is considered a scarce commodity and deserted landscapes are becoming increasingly rare in everyday life, many people increasingly feel the need to be able to move to places where man no longer rules - to what Bruno Liljefors (1860–1939) called "the realm of the wild". Surrounding yourself with Bruno Liljefors's art is like being invited into the "realm of the wild". A single painting can be enough to make you feel transported far into nature, regardless of whether it is executed in a way that invites close study or is best experienced from a greater distance. Motifs with elements of hunting run like a common thread throughout the exhibition, but are also presented as one of the exhibition's three themes, alongside the two overarching nature types that Bruno Liljefors so often depicted in his art: the archipelago and the central Swedish forest and plain landscape.



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