Upcoming exhibition

 Robert Högfedlt Drollerier 29 May - 18 June 


Robert Högfeldt, Barnens dag / Childrens day (Vinsten)
Watercolor, ink and pencil, 19 x 39 cm, signed R. Högfeldt

29 may-18 june


The exhibition Drollerier shows Robert Högfeldt's deeply insightful ability to portray trolls with strikingly similar characteristics as humans. Högfeldt was an observer with a great interest in everything that happened around him. He defended himself against all attempts to appear deep, but undeniably he possessed an extremely deep insight into human nature. This particular insight is reflected in his art. Högfeldt's humor is astonishingly accurate, but often quite inoffensive. He highly regarded the tolerance, so even in the images where the "trolls" act less sympathetically, he has presented them with mild indulgence. "The human quality I value most is perhaps tolerance," Högfeldt once wrote.



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