Helmer Osslund, On the way to Stora Sjöfallet, Oil on greaseproof paper mounted on cardboard panel, 40 x 85 cm

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Helmer Osslund, Glowing Coastal Landscape, oil on canvas, 43 x 87,5 cm


Seasonal Changes

13 february - 12 march

Through Helmer Osslund's artworks we get to experience his northern ramble over mountains, along river valleys, through rain and sunlight, from just before the turn of the 20th century until his death. Not only is it the seasons we get to experience through his art, but more precisely the seasonal changes. Helmer Osslund was deeply interested in the subtle transitions in nature, the barely noticeable shifts in vegetation, atmosphere, temperature, and weather. The fact that Osslund could convey these transitions masterly through his art gives him a special position among the Nordic landscape artists.



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