Rent art

The art becomes a part of the company identity

When designing an office, choosing the right art is a crucial step which can decide whether the office environment feels well thought out or not. It is the finishing touch that strengthens the company’s identity and brand as well as creates a dynamic and creative environment to work in.

Åmells have an extensive art collection available for renting, including Scandinavian artworks from the 1600s to contemporary as well as a large collection on photography, all suitable for meeting rooms, corridors and work spaces. Åmells Rent Your Art are working actively with the collection and are curating art exhibitions adjusted to offices regularly. During the recent years the interest for mixing art from different time periods have increased. 

Renting art from Åmells Rent Your Art is flexible and easy. Åmells take responsibility for the whole process, from consultation to installation. Every job is unique and the company’s prerequisites and budget are taken account of. The rent include transportation, installation and insurance.


Commonly asked questions

How does it work to rent art?

Contact Åmells Rent Your Art via e-mail: or phone: 08-611 41 93.

We book a meeting at your office which takes approximately one hour. During the meeting you show us where you wish to place art and we meassure the walls. We also talk about the extent, expectations and budget. Within seven to ten days after the meeting we will send you a proposal of selected artworks together with the quote.



What is the price and how long is
the rental period?

The rental level varies and depends on who the artists are and how many artworks are included. Every project is unique but a usual rental level is circa 8 000 - 15 000 kronor per month. On a rental level below 8 000 per month only a few artworks are included. Transport, installation and insurance are included in the rent. The rental period runs for one year at the time. 


Why choose Åmells Rent Your Art?

When renting artworks from Åmells Rent Your Art you can choose if you want to rent art from different time periods. Many companies have chosen to rent only contemporary art but in recent years the trend has reversed and now more and more choose to mix artworks from different time periods when renting art. 

Åmells Rent Your Art presents a proposal with selected artworks, customized after the client's expectations and budget.


How many artworks can be rented and can they be

Åmells Rent Your Art have been recruited to rent out artworks for office spaces with several floors, however we are also of service when it comes to installing one single artwork e.g. in a reception. The artworks are at the company's disposal during the whole rental period. It is possible to exchange artworks during the rental period but the majority of the companies chooses to keep the artworks as they are part of a curated exhibition.  



Installation of rented artworks

Åmells Rent Your Art take responsibility for the transportation and installation of the rented artworks. We book a time for the installation suitable to the company's activity. The time required for the installation depends on how many artworks are being placed. The placing of each artwork is since earlier agreed on. A usual installation take approximately four to eight hours. 

The value of art

Several investigations have shown that the well-being of the employees highly depends on the office environment. Some of the conclusions are that an attractive office environment can promote recruitment and increase motivation. The art creates a company identity and can be inspiring for the employees creativity. 



opening hours:

monday-friday 10-18
saturday 12-16 during exhibitions