Rent art

How it works?

Rent Your Art focuses on companies looking to emphasize their profile through art and build a creative environment with the opportunity of dynamic meetings. Having art in the office can strengthen a brand and help develop the company's identity. Over the years, Åmells has built an extensive art collection of contemporary scandinavian art and photography. Today, parts of the collection is lent out to museums and institutions or rented by companies. We work actively on our collection and purchase new art regularly. Every assignment is unique and approached according to the needs, facilities and conditions of the company in question. It is easy to adjust the rent levels to the company budget. We provide a full service, from the first consultation until everything is in place. Folders with information and art publications are provided and we are happy to arrange events or viewings in case of interest. Åmells provides transportation, hanging and insurance. And the best part!

- The costs are tax deductible as opposed to purchasing art.        



Commonly asked questions

Why should we rent art instead of buying it?

Renting art is flexible, does not lock down your capital, is deductible and if you wish to change something you are able to switch to other pieces or cancel the deal. As opposed to purchasing art, which is an expense for the company, renting art is deductible. 


Why is it good to have help when choosing art?

Getting professional help when it comes to choosing art is always a good idea. Choosing art for an office environment is not the same as choosing art for your home. There are a several aspects to bear in mind for the art to work in the environment in question. It should be appreciated by staff as well as by customers and perhaps in a subtle manner channel  the company ideals and visions. That doesn't in anyway mean it should be plain or indistinct. 

How much does it cost, and for how long do you rent it?

The rent level is set by the company itself and is dependent on the amount of pieces and which artists that have been selected. Our average customer pays somewhere in between 3.000 and 10.000 SEK per month (ca 300 and 1.000 €). Everything from konsultation, transportation, hanging and insurance is included in the price. Our agreements are extended one year at a time which means the minimum lease is for one year that can be extended for as long as you like.

How many pieces is it common to rent and are you able to change them for others?

 Some companies rent art for their entire office, others might only want a single piece for their reception - the choice is free. You can change your rented art up to two times per year. Many companies however decide to keep the art that was chosen from start since it becomes a part of the company identity. 

Can you purchase the art you're renting?

Most of the pieces that we sublet are for sale. However, due to tax technicalities it is not possible to let the leasing contract transcend into a purchase contract after a few years. That would make the rental costs non-deductible. 

The value of art, is it measurable?

Many studies show that the staffs well being is largely dependent on how the office is decorated. An attractive office makes recruiting easier and reduces sick leaves. It has also been proven that creativity is contagious, a creative office makes for creative co-workers. So, why not add a few crowns to the office rent and thereby increase the potential of the space as well as the staff?




opening hours:

monday-friday 10-18
saturday 12-16 during exhibitions