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The interest in photography today is great and photography as art form has an increasing audience, both in Sweden and internationally. For over 20 years, Åmells has collected Swedish photography and can offer work by the most prominent Swedish photographers through our photo department Åmells Photography.
Our collection mainly consists of unique vintage images, straight from the photographers themselves, and many of the motifs are available only through Åmells. The collection has a great range of motives including everything from portraits, street photography, fashion, still lifes and landscapes.
Every year Åmells Photography curate photo exhibitions in the gallery. Through international collaborations we are also able to present exhibitions with work by international masters. Åmells is a unique meeting point where beginners as well as experienced collectors can enjoy art photography of the highest quality.


photographers in
the collection

Sten Didrik Bellander

Stina Brockman


Lennart Durehed

Hans Gedda

Henry B Goodwin

Denise Grünstein

Hans Hammarskiöld

Rune Hassner

Emil Heilborn

Jean Hermanson

Walter Hirsch

Jens S Jensen

Tore Johnson

Sune Jonsson

Åke E:son Lindman

Tuija Lindström

Hans Malmberg

Maria Miesenberger

Pål-Nils Nilsson

Lennart Olson

Hasse Persson

Anders Petersen

Gunnar Smoliansky

Christer Strömholm

Rolf Wertheimer

Rolf Winquist


 Christer Strömholm 


Selected exihibitions


Irving Penn

18 march - 7 april 2017

The exhibition Fashion presented fashion photography byIrving Penn. For more than 40 years, Irving Penn worked with the fashion magazine Vogue and many of his images have become iconic. The successful exhibition brought together photographs from Irving Penn’s whole career; spanning from the timeless elegant images of the 1950’s to the vibrant fashion of the 60’s and 70’s and also images from the unique collaboration with Issey Miyake.



23 january - 12 february 2016

Swedish and international photography united in this unique photo exhibition that pushed the borders of photography. Works by the Swedish photography-pioneer Dawid, the influential american photographer Harry Callahan and by Hiroshi Sugimoto, receiver of the Hasselblad award, where shown together in an exhibition for the first time.


Irving Penn

6 - 26 september 2014

In collaboration with The Irving Penn Foundation in New York, Åmells presented a grand exhibition with fashion photography by Irving Penn. The exhibition brought together images from Penn’s whole career; from the timeless elegant fashion images during the 1950’s to the playful compositions of the 1960’s and 70’s and the dynamic collaboration with Issey Miyake.

Hans Hammarskiöld - Spanska Ridskolan, Hovstallet, Stockholm 1952

Photographic jewels

7 - 27 march 2015

Having been a rare, almost magical tool used to capture reality, photography today is a familiar medium as well as an appreciated art form. This exhibition was a journey in time through the evolution of photography during the 1900’s, and displayed the great richness and high quality that Swedish photography possesses. Among the photographers featured in the exhibition where Henry B Good­win, Hans Ham­mar­ski­öld, Jens S Jen­sen, Jean Her­mans­son and Tuija Lind­ström.



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