Fiskarvänner (Herons) Oil on canvas, 120 x 160 cm, signed Jonas Nilsson

4 - 18 September

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Åmells are pleased to welcome Jonas Nilsson back to the gallery after several praised solo exhibitions presenting paintings portraying nature. The inspiration is always nature in plein air and it is consistently with Nilsson even when he is not in a worksession. Nilsson recalls how he was on an excursion to a small island in the lake near his wife's parents' home. He was deposed on the island while his father inlaw picked up the rest of the company. Once there, he explored the island and found an environment that remained in the memory, and which would later become the painting Fiskarvänner (Herons). The animals are the main characters in the spectacle of nature, where as vegetation or water depicts a background in the paintings. The exhibition In Calm Water presents wildlife from the Swedish fauna. In addition to Jonas Nilsson's much-appreciated bird portraits, you will also find one or two mammals such as lynx and roebuck. Characteristic of all works is the unique individuality that the animals show in Nilsson's paintings. They give a vivid and independent impression where they are depicted in their natural habitat in the water, on the rocks or in the woods.


Selected artworks

Exponerad (Bullfinch) Oil on canvas, 39 x 50 cm, signed Jonas Nilsson

Jonas Nilsson
(born 1968)

Exponerad (Bullfinch)

I do not know how many bullfinches I have painted in my life, however several with varied results. One of the most difficult birds to succeed with, and it is only recently that I think I have found the key to their colors and shapes.

Fria Vidder (Golden eagles) Oil on canvas, 150 x 200 cm, signed Jonas Nilsson

Jonas Nilsson (born 1968)

(Golden eagles)

My youthful dream was to become a pilot. I shared that interest with my father. I flew with him a lot at a young age when he obtained a pilot's license for single-engine flying. When I prepared the sketches for the golden eagles I felt I wanted to achieve the same feeling of freedom that I felt when I flew with my father. 

Silent hunter (lynx) Oil on canvas, 81 x 81 cm, signed Jonas Nilsson

Jonas Nilsson (born 1968)


When I made this portrait of a lynx it was the gaze of the lynx that felt most essential. The focus on the prey is the core of this painting. The lynx´s eye doesn´t let go of the gaze for a second of what had captured the it´s interest.

Mot kvällen (Woodcock) Oil on canvas, 116 x 89 cm
Signed Jonas Nilsson

Jonas Nilsson
(born 1968)

Mot kvällen (Woodcock)

Getting inspiration for pictures can happen in the most unexpected ways. This picture Mot kvällen (Woodcock) came up in early spring when I was walking in the forest where I often exercise. The sun was going down and I passed this small stream I could visualize the mother calmly laying in front of me. The way ideas for a painting arises is apparently unlimited.

Den stolte (Roebuck) Oil on canvas, 81 x 65 cm
signed Jonas Nilsson

Jonas NIlsson (born 1968)

Den stolte (Roebuck)

I just happened to pass by with the car when a noble roebuck who saw me quickly retreated back into the bushwoods. That was enough for me in order to create an idea for a painting in my head.

Fiskarvänner (Herons) Oil on wooden panel, 120 x 160 cm, signed Jonas Nilsson

Jonas Nilsson (born 1968)

Fiskarvänner (Herons)

In the summer of 2020, I was visiting my future wife's family in Småland. We would all make an excursion to a small island in the lake that was near her parents' home. I went out first with dad Anders who dropped me off on the island while he turned the boat to pick up the others. While that was happening, I explored the island and found this environment. That image hung in the memory, and resulted in "Fisherman's Friends". You are never really on holiday as a nature painter.



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