15 years with the customer in focus

In 2005 Åmells Rent Your Art was started and began renting out art to companies. The majority of the artworks available for renting comes from Åmells collection of contemporary art. However, in recent years the interest in mixing art from different time periods have increased. Åmells has a large collection of artworks, from the 1600s to contemporary, which allows the companies to create their unique touch at the office. 


Every project is unique and the selection of art is customized to the specific company's wishes and conditions.  



Denise Grünstein, Dear Prudence.

Jorma Puranen, Icy Prospects # 39, 2007.

David Molander, Elevator NKZ 1-3.

Tova Mozard, The Comedy Store serien, 2015.

Stina Brockman, Silvergelatinfotografi.

Marie Andersson, Inferno, 2010.

Andreas Eriksson, Trädstam, opd. 2007.

Lisa Manner, scen, blandteknik på panå, 2005.

Ulf Rollof, Skotttripptyk, 2010.

Jan Håfström, Den eviga återkomsten.

Hans Gedda, ur Cirkus sviten, Sv/V silvergelatinfotografi.

Clay Ketter, Garden, C-print, 2008.

Mette Björnberg, innan allt faller II, blandteknik.

Kristina Bength, Amanda Kristina Pedersens Fysionomiska undersökningar, akvarell på papper.

Marie Andersson, Le Nuage, C-print, triptyk.

Mats Hjelm, There is no salvation only denial, diptyk, mixed media, 2007.

Tova Mozard, Close-up Car Door, C-print, 1999.

Jorma Puranen, Sixteen steps to Paradise #34, C-print, 2008.

Joakim Allgulander, I´ve got a feeling we´re not in Kansas anymore, Olja på duk.

PG Thelander, Pingvin och blå kub, opd.

Ragnar Sandeberg, Frukter, gouach, 1942.

Dawid, Björn Dawidsson, #1990, Pigmentfotografi.

Sirous Namazi, Moduls, skulptur, stål, lack.

Pelle Åbergs, Handel på Hötorget, olja på duk.



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saturday 12-16 during exhibitions