Selling art to Åmells is easy and comfortable

Åmells is one of Scandinavia's biggest buyer of classical and modern art, both at auctions and from private collections. With almost 100 years of experience with the art market, Åmells has an extensive list of international contacts, including both private collectors and museums.


If you are thinking about selling one or several high quality artworks contact us at Åmells, by e-mail or phone +46 8-611 41 93.


Our experts will answer your questions and help you start the selling process.  


Anders Zorn, The Lute Player, 1918


There are many benefits in selling directly to Åmells

  • No Fees or Commissions 
  • No wait
  • Paid directly
  • Discretion
  • No Risk

Otto Hesselbom, Landscape from Dalsland, Ånimmen, 1895

Our area
of expertise

Åmells will only buy art within our area of Expertise

  • Click here to see Åmells' Artist List
  • Åmells buy art from early 1600s to 1950s
  • Åmells will not buy art outside our area of expertise


Start the process

The selling process is easy

  • Get an independent valuation of your artwork 
  • Contact Åmells
  • Based on the independent valuation of your artwork and your wishes, we agree on a set price 
  • Åmells buys the artwork for the agreed price and the amount is payed to you directly 


opening hours:

monday-friday 10-18
saturday 12-16 during exhibitions