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Safety and security is vital when it comes to purchasing art. Great quality is in itself a form of safety.

With more than 90 years of experience from the art market, Åmells offers a rich collection of paintings, sculptures and high quality handicraft, ranging from the 16th century up until today. With our experience we’re able to maintain a close, personal relationship to our customers. We always offer trial hangings of artwork in your home as well as advice on placement and lighting.
Every work of art is subject to thorough research and every purchase comes with a presentation of history and provenance. Åmells provides secure and trustworthy art dealings where the authenticity of each and every piece is guaranteed.


What we offer

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From old masters to modern painting
Åmells is world leading in Scandinavian art and offer a unique range of artworks. Paintings constitute the core of our business with high quality paintings by distinguished artists, many of whom have come to change and shape art history. Our collection of paintings range from works by old masters to modernism with a variety of motifs including landscapes, still lifes, portraits, marine art and much more.

Sculpture and antiquities
Our sculpture collection includes small bronze figurines and magnificent outdoor pieces and range from classical bronze statues to modernist stone- and marble sculptures.
Antiquities have been an important part of Åmells’s business since the very beginning in 1920 and we offer exclusive pieces including high quality furniture, silver, porphyry and china.

Photography and contemporary art
Åmells has collected photographs and contemporary art for over 20 years. Today we’re in possession of a unique, unmatched collection of Swedish photography and offer works by some of the great masters of photography.
Our contemporary art and photography collection is subleased through Åmells Rent Your Art and featured in selected exhibitions.





Visit the gallery

In our gallery in central Stockholm we present several exhibitions every year with purchasable art. A visit to our gallery is perfect for anyone who enjoys art and for those who might be interested in purchasing a piece without quite having decided on which genre or artist to look into. Our gallery staff are delighted to tell you more about the art on display and give advice to those interested in buying.  

Alexander Roslin, Portrait of Marquise de Marigny, 1767

Book a private viewing

Do you already know what genre you are interested in or already have a specific artist whose work you are looking for? If that is the case you are welcome to contact us directly. Åmells has a wide range of high quality art and we are happy to book a private viewing of chosen works in our showroom at Birger Jarlsgatan 14 in Stockholm. You are welcome to contact us at

Pehr Wilhelm Cedergren, Boats at Rescue and The Royal Palace, 1869

Get a

Do you live outside of Stockholm or have other difficulties coming to the gallery? You are always welcome to contact us directly. Our experts are happy to listen to your particular requests and put together personalised suggestions of art they think suitable, and have them sent to you digitally. Welcome to contact us at

Irving Penn, Crossing the River Styx, 1996

Visit our
online gallery

A selection of currently available artwork are on display here in our online gallery. Anything from classical to contemporary, sculpture and photography. We also display our exclusive online-exhibition here, featuring a shifting range of themes and highlighting artists individually.  


A selection of the artists whose work we offer

J.A.G. Acke

Gösta Adrian-Nilsson

Ivan Aguéli

Anna Ancher

Michael Ancher

Ivar Arosenius

Olle Baertling

John Bauer

Julia Beck

Richard Bergh

Agnes Cleve

Nils Dardel

Siri Derkert

Carl Eldh

Albert Edelfelt

Per Ekström

Leander Engström

Sven X:et Erixson

Prins Eugen

Ferdinand Fagerlin

Gustaf Fjaestad

Paul Fischer

Arvid Fougstedt

Wilhelm von Gegerfelt

Isaac Grünewald

Åke Göransson

August Hagborg

Eric Hallström

Per Hasselberg

Carl Fredrik Hill

Pehr Hilleström

Sigrid Hjertén

Bror Hjorth

Olle Hjortzberg

Jacob Hägg

Ivan Ivarson

Eugène Jansson

Einar Jolin

Sven Jonsson

Nils Kreuger

Julius Kronberg

Johan Krouthén

Peder Severin Kröyer

Marcus Larson

Carl Larsson

Bruno Liljefors

Hilding Linnqvist

Waldemar Lorentzon

Elias Martin

Carl Milles

Edvard Munch

Stellan Mörner

Vera Nilsson

Bengt Nordenberg

Karl Nordström

Jenny Nyström

Erik Olson

Axel Olson

Olle Hagalund Olsson

Helmer Osslund

Anna Palm

Georg Pauli

Hanna Pauli

Alexander Roslin

Olof Sager-Nelson

Gösta Sandels

Helene Schjerfbeck

Anshelm Schultzberg

Inge Schiöler

Herman af Sillén

Otte Sköld

August Strindberg

Tore Strindberg

Frits Thaulow

Axel Törneman

Oskar Törnå

Alfred Wahlberg

Carl Wilhelmson

Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller

Anders Zorn



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saturday 12-16 during exhibitions